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A Soul-Peace is a representation of the beauty and individual essence of your soul expressed as artform, helping you to be in touch with your true nature. Each exquisite artwork contains gorgeous colours, crystals and precious stones which harmonise with and nurture your Soul.

A Soul-Peace helps you open, accept and access your true potential while being a companion and guide on your journey through life. An ideal location for your Soul-Peace is a room where you spend a significant amount of time. For example, a study, lounge, meditation room or work environment.
The more time you spend with your Soul-Peace, the more you can connect with your divine beauty allowing you to reach aspects of your true spirit.You may notice that a Soul-Peace changes in appearance during the course of the day. One particular area may appear to stand out more than the rest. A colour may appear stronger or change before your eyes. This is part of the magic of a Soul-Peace.

Each Soul-Peace gives off a colour healing vibration along with crystal energy. With their sparkling beauty, these powerful paintings feel uplifting and a joy to be around, as inspiration and a gentle reminder to embrace our own divinity.